Do plumbers fix pipes?

Even if you invest in the best maintenance plumbing, and you only rely on licensed plumbers in Melbourne to keep your plumbing systems in the best shape possible, the pipes aren’t going to last forever. Once your plumbing pipes start to wear down on you, the only tradie you should call is a licensed pipe expert in Melbourne. Don’t try to call the resident mechanic, or worse, try and do anything on your own. Whether your pipes are clogged, leaky or worse, the situation deserves a skilled plumber to handle them most efficiently. Your pipes will deteriorate over time and a plumber is specially trained to keep giving repair services as often as you need them. Don’t wait for your plumber to do regular pipework because leaks can turn into burst pipes and the only way to prevent them is to call us in order to protect yourself and your property. 

Sings that your pipes need a plumber

Leaking pipes might go undiscovered for a long time before visible signs appear but we can help you spot some developing indicators that should signal a call to a professional general plumber straight away. 

  • Puddles of water at major fixtures, drain or pipe locations 
  • Dripping faucets, taps and pumps
  • Water stains on the ceilings or walls
  • A drop in regular water pressure
  • A sudden spike in your water bills without major changes in usage 

We have a more detailed guide for you to help you navigate when it’s time to call a plumber and what is required to deal with the issue at hand. 

What causes pipe faults?

This part of the guide is to help you understand why pipe repairs and replacements are so common. The point is to call in a professional every time and we can mitigate seriously expensive faults that are likely to occur over time. This is what is likely to be the cause of a plumber call out now and then:

  • Corrosion over time

Corrosion is natural in any of the materials and systems in your home where there is a lot of moisture. Rushing water in the pipework, as harmless as it can be in the short term, is also likely to contribute to pipe corrosion over time. The older your plumbing system the more likely they are to experience rust. 

  • Drain clogs 

Obstructions can accumulate in pipes over time, and they can be made of common things you use every day. Soap, grease, food debris and even pieces of your hair can build up in the pipes and cause clogs that grow steadily. 

  • Damaged pipe parts

Pipe joints are also vulnerable to damage and corrosion. They can also deteriorate with time, resulting in leaks. Sometimes this can come down to high water pressure because anything excessive can create leaks by putting strain on the pipes.

  • Plant debris and tree roots

Underground pipework is installed under plants, trees and other forms of growing vegetation that have the ability to work their way in. Even though it doesn’t happen quickly, tree roots can clog up water pipes and cause harm

Why should you hire a professional plumber for your pipes?

No one can identify the source of leaking pipes and repair them as quickly and efficiently as we can. We have advanced tools and equipment to precisely locate the cause of any interior pipe faults. After localizing the issue, we can quickly get to work eradicating the blockages and making repairs where needed. Besides how great our servicing is for quickly getting the job done, plumbing is a licensed trade in Australia. That means that you can only employ a plumber who completed trade school and has a valid plumbing license. Anything less is considered illegal work on your pipes. There are multiple permits and licenses needed before any pipework is done on your residence and if nothing is in place, this is an unlawful practice under Victorian Building Authority requirements. You could be legally and financially penalised if you attempt to fix the pipes yourself.

Master Plumber Services is a local pipe expert ready to assist with any level of professional repairs and plumbing work. It doesn’t matter how frequently you need it or what causes it, we will deal with it straight away. Our team is also on standby for emergency repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Coburg, Kensington, Chadstone, and many more locations. 

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