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Blocked Drains / Drain Inspections

Blocked drains are definitely a serious concern and should only be looked over by a licensed plumber in Melbourne

If left for too long, blocked drains will also cause flooding and property damage. Blocked drains are an easy task for one of our master plumbers who will competently clear all types of drains or pipe blockages with ease. You count on us to arrive faster than any plumber in Melbourne can offer you because the emergency response is our speciality.

We offer same-day solutions to clear your blockage using state-of-the-art electronic drain-cleaning equipment. Our emergency service prices are reasonable, and we will consult with you throughout the entire process to make sure we are able to work with your budget. 

Signs that your drain is blocked

Your drain may start showing common symptoms of a blockage and as soon as you notice them, you should give us a call.

The most common signs include water draining slowly, bad odours, and gurgling sounds coming from the pipes. Once you notice any of these indications it is a sign that the issue has reached a point where professional assistance is required. It is not the best idea to attempt to fix it yourself because you may only worsen the issue.

Master Plumber Services has experienced 24/7 plumbers in Melbourne who have better tools to deal with the issue without causing any damage to your property. 

Blocked drain repair Melbourne

Master Plumber Services employs a team of fully qualified and experienced emergency plumbers that are trained in modern techniques to quickly clear blockages, to enable the resumption of healthy plumbing.

Emergency plumbers are the best trained to deal with blocked drains as quickly as possible and we know how important that can be. A blocked drain can cause a major inconvenience for the people on the property, and we want to clear the issue so that normal plumbing use can continue. You can also rely on us for professional drain inspections in Melbourne. We’ll give you expert advice on the state of your drains. 

What is drain inspection and why do you need it?

A drain inspection is when a professional plumber evaluates your drainage system to make sure that the transition of wastewater from your pipeline to the sewage system is happening normally. Drain inspections are vital because they prevent leaks, potential flooding, and other public health and safety issues that can potentially damage your property. Below-ground sanitary drainage inspections of plumbing work on residential or commercial properties are a requirement because the system must comply with the relevant standards, regulations, and local laws. Master Plumber Services will dispatch a licensed plumber with a camera device that helps us inspect your plumbing system. We will then transparently and clearly discuss your options for replacement or repair of any damaged sections. We are fully certified to perform drain inspections and to diagnose pipe faults. 

Call us at any time for servicing in Melbourne on 0452 549 846 or you can send any inquiries to We will be happy to take your call and we’ll make it a personal mission to solve all your general plumbing issues.

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