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Gas and Gas Leaks

Master Plumber Services also enlists the skills of licensed gas plumbers in Melbourne. You should only use gas plumbers for gas-related installation and plumbing on your property because they are best equipped to fix your gas problems quickly and safely. Licensed gas plumbers are specially trained to do proper repairs and maintenance of gas fittings like pipes and gas lines. Trust us for all of the following and more:

Hot water system Melbourne plumbers have the knowledge about these skills but not all of them are licensed, gas fitters. You should check in with the relevant authorities to ensure that they are before you let them handle your system. Gas is a very useful but highly dangerous substance, and it shouldn’t be handled by anyone who isn’t licensed to do so. If you arrive home or you’re at work and suspect that there is a gas leak, try not to panic. All you have to do is quickly get in touch with Master Plumber Services 24/7 plumbers Melbourne. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is; we will deal with it instantly. 

What to do in cases of a confirmed gas leak?

Follow all these steps until a technician arrives to restore safety on the premises:
  1. Evacuate all the people and pets on the property immediately
  2. Try to open all the windows and doors to air out the dangerous fumes
  3. Call the relevant emergency or authority bodies, commercial properties should call the utility company’s emergency number
  4. Don’t do anything else within the property
  5. Only return to the property once the leak has been professionally handled and the property has been sufficiently aired out

Gas plumber servicing

Master Plumber Services doesn’t just offer emergency gas plumbers in Melbourne. We also perform installations and repairs of all gas plumbing systems like gas hot water services and these things often require routine servicing to ensure that it is operating safely and efficiently. All gas hot water systems sold in Australia must have undergone certification testing for approval. Choose a licensed gas plumber because it is illegal for anyone other than a qualified gasfitter to work on gas fittings. 

Call us at any time for servicing in Melbourne on 0477 197 601 or you can send any inquiries to We will be happy to take your call and we’ll make it a personal mission to solve all your general plumbing issues. 

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