5 signs to call a plumber

So you think you have a plumbing problem but aren’t sure if you need to call a plumber. If you’re wondering when’s the right time to a plumber, here’s a list of plumbing problems you should call a plumber for. 

The moment things stop flowing as they should it doesn’t just create major inconvenience; in some cases it could be putting you in danger. Faulty plumbing or emergency plumbing needs in Melbourne are an immediate concern because you could be exposed to bacteria or leaking waste. Thankfully, in most cases, your plumbing shows signs that it needs professional help when things start going wrong. All you have to do is stay observant and pick up the phone as soon as you spot any of them. Read on and we’ll tell you what to look out for. 

5 signs it’s time to call a plumber

  • Higher water bills than usual

Unless you’ve drastically changed how you use water, your water bills should stay in the same cost area. Water bills that are suddenly much higher even with you maintaining your household’s average water usage are a sign that something may be wrong. There very well could be a hidden leak somewhere in your home. Your water balls might be the red flag before you see other signs like dark patches in the wall or mould growth. You will need to call in a plumber with professionally precise leak detection services to pinpoint the leak’s location.

  • Wet spots in the walls or the ceiling

Even the best pipework in Melbourne can wear down over time and this usually creates leaky spots and other vulnerabilities.  As the water leaks, porous surfaces around it, like the wall or your ceiling, will absorb it and hold onto it. Keep an eye out for wet spots and stain marks because they’re a sign that water is leaking where it shouldn’t be. Leaky pipes are some of the more routine services performed by plumbers in Melbourne CBD and we’re on standby to repair them as a matter of urgency.

  • Slow drains and flushes

Are you noticing puddles at your feet after you’ve finished showering that take a little longer than usual to drain? Or you’re noticing the same slow drain in your toilets after every flush? This is a sign that we may have a drainage issue on our hands. Drainage issues are often a sign that you have a blocked drain that needs attending to. We’ll locate whatever it is causing your drain to clog, either visible or further down the pipe. Master Plumber Services has a licensed and insured plumber with all the skills to fix this kind of issue fast and efficiently.

  • Odd sounds and smells

Weird sounds and smells are always a sign that something isn’t working as it regularly does. Even though you’re plumbing is designed to wash away the waste you produce, you shouldn’t be able to smell it. This is an immediate signal to call your plumber for an emergency visit. Smells are a sign that there may be a burst pipe to deal with and if it is left alone for too long, significant damage will be sustained. Gurgling sounds from drains anywhere in your home are also an alarm signal that you should call a professional to deal with unclogging a blockage

  • Dripping faucets or leaky plumbing

Your faucets shouldn’t be leaking after you give them a tight twist. If they are still dripping, then this is one of the clearest signs that repair is in order. It may seem harmless at first but dripping taps can play a role in that water bill over time and need to be addressed immediately. 

Fast and efficient emergency plumbing in Melbourne

This was a short guide to help you stay on top of plumbing problems before they get any bigger and the damage spreads. If you have any other concerns outside of these mentioned, it is a smart decision to give us a call anyway and we can let you know the best way forward. Master Plumber Services is a licensed gas and general plumbing expert operating throughout Melbourne. We’re here to help residential and commercial homeowners with the upkeep of their plumbing with prompt service at competitive pricing. We are proud to provide quality, dependable plumbing to clients in Yarraville, Richmond, Williamstown and Fitzroy and the surrounding areas. Call us today and you won’t just benefit from our friendly servicing, we also won’t charge you any call-out fees.

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