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Hot water technicians in Melbourne that are able to work outside of typical working hours, at affordable rates are few and far between. And that can be a hassle for those who have sudden hot water systems failures, which don’t wait for convenient hours to occur. Master Plumber Services is a trusted emergency plumber in Melbourne and that’s because we provide quick response, same-day solutions, and exceptional service. 

Should you notice any differences or operational difficulties with your hot water system, don’t hesitate to give us a call now. If the water suddenly changes colour, or your system sounds much louder than usual, there might be an internal issue that needs to be attended to. In some instances, there may not be anything wrong at all and it might just be time for the next check-up to maximize the lifespan of your system.

Hot water system installations and repairs

Sometimes, you need to rely on expert advice and avoid using unlicensed technicians. When it comes to plumbing that is connected to the national water system, you have to stick to licensed professionals. We can often give you the best-priced option whether it is to invest in another service or upgrade it, our technicians are happy to advise you. Master Plumber Services isn’t just a hot water repairs specialist in Melbourne, we’re also an installation and service expert which makes us the perfect service provider. 

Master Plumber Services hot water system technicians are on standby to assist you in any way possible. Our range of expertise makes us qualified to perform all of the following services and much more:

Types of hot water systems we service

Gas hot water systems are perfect for instant hot water supply to suit any property size. Gas-powered hot water systems are one of the most commonly used in the country and they are installed with a storage tank or an instant heater.

Electric hot water systems are best for homes that don’t have natural gas freely available and are the more cost-effective solution. These systems function with the use of a traditional element to heat water and come in a wide array of tank sizes.

Australian properties that have opted for solar power can benefit from a heating system that is energy efficient and economical. Solar hot water systems qualify for rebates and that is just one way that users can find long-term savings.

These are the newer and more modern hot water installations. They use the air around the unit to heat the water in the tank 

Call us at any time for servicing in Melbourne on 0477 197 601 or you can send any inquiries to We will be happy to take your call and we’ll make it a personal mission to solve all your general plumbing issues. 

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