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Have you noticed small water puddles or pooling in odd places on the property? Or maybe, there’s a damp spot of extra green grass somewhere on the lawn. Is your water bill significantly higher than usual? These are all indications that you may be dealing with a leak in your plumbing system.

Emergency plumbers in Melbourne are best trained to deal with this problem as soon as possible. Our leak detection services will quickly identify the exact source of the leak on the spot and advise on the best course of action. Whether the leak is above or below the ground, we will find the source of the issue and quickly get to work on fixing it. 

We use non-invasive leak detection equipment that is built to eradicate faults while not causing any damage to the existing system’s infrastructure. We can do this all without having to punch holes into any walls or make any other scratches on the property. Once we have pinpointed the location of the issues, we can discuss a range of repairs or installations to reinforce the area. We’ll use our general plumbing expertise to find any, and all, solutions as quickly as possible. 

Master Plumber Services leak detection services

We will begin by pressurizing the water lines in your plumbing system and we’ll make note of any areas where air bubbles appear. You may be surprised to realize that you have more than one leak and all without knowing. We use non-invasive equipment like sonar equipment to listen to the process in order to locate the points of pressure. This technique is brilliant for all kinds of beneath-the-ground leak detection. It works on all kinds of surfaces including concrete, soft soil, walls, foundations, or even driveways. 

Most common causes of leaks

Leaks are one of the most common types of issues we have to deal with as experienced plumbers in Melbourne. Our experience with them means that we will fix them quickly and at a price that can fit into any budget. Not many leak detection service providers can also offer 24/7 servicing in Melbourne. Not many will be able to respond as quickly as we do because the emergency response is our speciality.

Call us at any time for servicing in Melbourne on 0477 197 601 or you can send any inquiries to info@masterplumber.solutions. We will be happy to take your call and we’ll make it a personal mission to solve all your general plumbing issues. 

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