Why you need blocked drain plumbing?

Plumbers are trained to handle a whole host of faults or repairs wherever you need them on the premises. You’ll also be happy to know that certain plumbers specialise in particular skills to become expert plumbers in that skill. Plumbing and professional drainage may seem like two of the same things to you but, with the team at Master Plumbers, that isn’t the case. Plumbing work deals with the systems that handle bringing clean water onto your property and then washing away the wastewater afterwards. Drainage work specifically refers to the pipework that deals with the wastewater. We’ll learn exactly what’s at the core of the difference between these do things and explore exactly what a specialist drainage plumber is. 

What is a drainage plumber and what do they do? 

Drainage Plumbers are experts in everything involved with your drains and you shouldn’t wait if you suspect any issues are at hand. The work of clearing clogs starts with the specialist conducting a drain inspection using state-of-art monitoring equipment that can easily slide down the pipework to assess the conditions of the pipes and advise whether any repairs are required. This equipment can precisely locate the issue without damaging any of the pipework infrastructures. Any leaks, cracks, blockages, or other concerns can be found with ease and clarity. Here’s everything that a specialist drainage plumber can do for you…

  • Clean your drains

After the drainage plumber has done the work of locating a blockage within your piping, it is up to them to clear it and clean the drain pathway for efficient wastewater management to resume. They will use various tools and even some drain jetting equipment to dislodge any issues at high-pressure velocity. 

  • Water leak detection

We’ll use non-invasive leak detection equipment that is built to eradicate faults while not causing any damage to the existing system’s infrastructure. We can do this all without having to punch holes into any walls or make any other scratches on the property. Once we have pinpointed the location of the issues, we can discuss a range of repairs or installations to reinforce the area. We’ll use our general plumbing expertise to find any, and all, solutions as quickly as possible. 

  • Unblocking your drains 

Blocked drains can severely affect your normal daily activities. Especially when it comes to those related to your hygiene and cleaning. Unfortunately, although you can do everything in your power it is still likely that you will experience bothersome and stressful drainage problems. Typical signs that your drains are experiencing blockage include gurgling sounds, bad smells coming from the drain, and water that is slow to drain. 

  • Pipe repairs, replacement and emergency burst pipes

The reason why any Melbourne-based plumber will tell you that you need to deal with blockages straight away is that they can cause real damage if you leave them alone. There is always a chance that a blockage caused some sort of damage to the pipework. Your local drainage plumber will know exactly what’s required and can do specialist work like pipe relining and much more to deal with it. More serious replacement work may require large excavation and digging but this isn’t always the case anymore thanks to the modern equipment and tools plumbers have access to. 


Reasons to avoid DIY for your blocked drain

As soon as homeowners suspect that a blocked drain is at play, they quickly run for the plunger or start pouring caustic liquids down the drain as a quick and easy solution. The irony here is that there is nothing quick, easy, or solution-based about trying to do anything yourself when it comes to the plumbing. The most likely conclusion is that you’ll do more damage to your drainage and worse, put yourself at risk of regulatory bodies because unlicensed plumbing is highly illegal. The only thing to do if you have a blocked drain is to immediately call in a specialist drainage plumber such as those on the Master Plumber team. Our response is much more effective and immediate, and no harsh chemicals or digging is involved, saving you both time and money. These are three reasons why you should just leave the work to the pros. 

  • Store bough blockage treatment and tools are dangerous

The chemicals that are widely available in stores around you that claim to unclog your drain are more dangerous than you realize. They are made with very harsh, acidic chemicals that aim to erode the blockage but can also damage your plumbing pipes in the process. It’s also important that you know that their terrible for the environment and harmful to your health. That’s why these products come with so many warning labels on them when you buy them. 

  • Hygiene risks and exposure to bacteria 

Your drainage systems deal with waste of all types and the pipework is designed to protect you against anything potentially hazardous. Dealing with blockages is messy work and you may expose yourself to things that have a lot of developed bacteria attached to them. Trying to plunge a toilet blockage may just leave you with a situation where it overflows with untreated sewage and wastewater. 

  • The potential risk of damage

Anything that is done by anyone other than a professional pose a greater risk of damage to your home. Your blockage could be because of 15 years of grease build up in your pipework and that can’t be fixed by poking around or pouring harsh chemicals down the pipes. You could damage the system and wastewater may enter your drinking water supply. 

Blocked drain experts available across Melbourne

You can call us for blocked drain services in Yarraville, Richmond, Williamstown and the rest of the Melbourne region. Our plumbers are licensed, properly trained and accredited in various areas of specialisation. We can offer our drain related expertise in emergencies throughout Melbourne. We aim to deliver solution services that are long-lasting at competitive and affordable prices.

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