How long do hot water systems last?

As plumbing experts in Melbourne, we know how to help you get the most value from the systems on the premises. Not only will you get value for your dollar, but we’ll also ensure that the systems last a long time. Hot water systems aren’t exactly cheap to install but the cost is understandable when you consider how long they can last. A lot goes into what makes your hot water lifespan something you’re impressed with, but it depends on many factors. We’ll discuss all of these factors and much more in this helpful guide. The point is to give you inside tips for finding licensed hot water system experts which is the best way to invest in an installation that lasts longer than others.

The factors that affect how long your hot water unit lasts

A professionally installed hot water system can easily deliver on 10 years of faithful service. The age of your electric or gas-powered system doesn’t just depend on the manufacturer’s scope for the longevity timeline but also on how you use it. It’s also about the different levels of stress placed on the heating components of the system. There are many more things that determine exactly how long your system will last. They include things like the quality of the system, the best one for your application, how you use it and much more. Let’s go through the main factors below…

  • Higher-quality systems 

As with most things, paying more for your hot water system is the best way to ensure you have a higher quality product that is going to last longer. Lower quality hot water systems need replacement frequently or experience faults more often because the main component systems erode quicker over time. Talking to an expert about your investment options in something of higher quality will increase the lifespan of your hot water system by a matter of years.

  • Choosing the right system for you

Even though different hot water systems have different advantages, you need to take the time to find the one that best fits what you need. There are types to choose from and they vary in specifications. Your hot water system could either be gas-powered or electric and even solar for homeowners looking for more environmentally friendly use. 

  • Your personal usage

If you are a household of twice-a-day hot shower users, then you would naturally put more pressure on your system than other users. Heavier unique use is likely to cause more strain on the critical parts and systems. This doesn’t mean that your professionally installed plumbing system isn’t already designed to withstand high-usage requirements but that is something we need to discuss before choosing the right option.  

Choosing the right size hot water system?

The average household uses as much as 50 litres of hot water per person per day. An average household also usually houses 4 people and that amounts to about 200 litres in a total of hot water on a daily basis. You should contact a professional and they can give you an accurate sizing estimate based on the following:

  • The number of people living there
  • Typical water usage patterns in a day
  • What you regularly need hot water for (laundry, cooking etc)
  • Do you have appliances that need hot water like a dishwasher?

How long your hot water system will last?

Now that we’ve discussed everything that goes into it, all of these things add up to your system lasting anywhere up to 15 years of function. Tankless systems are a little more advanced and you can add at least a few years onto that.

How to make my hot water system last longer?

After we handled the professional installation of your hot water system in Fitzroy, Croydon, St Kilda, Northcote and many more locations, we’ll discuss a maintenance program. We’ll make sure that it is checked regularly and receives premium maintenance work to keep It in good stead. Master Plumber Services has a team of expert plumbers that can easily detect an issue before it causes your system to fail completely. Every single hot water plumber with us is fully certified and has many years of experience with all of the hot water system brands on the market and will keep your system going for years to come. Rely on us for all of your hot water system repairs and maintenance ad you won’t regret it. We can do a more holistic maintenance approach to all the plumbing on the premises all-in-one. 

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